18. Sep, 2018

The Adventures Of Brisco County Jr Full Movie Download Mp4

The Adventures Of Brisco County Jr. Full Movie Download Mp4 ->>> DOWNLOAD

A bounty hunter rides the Old West, fighting bad guys, many with futuristic-type gadgets.

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original title: The Adventures of Brisco County Jr.

genge: Action,Sci-Fi,Western,Adventure,Comedy

imdb: 7.9

duration: 45min

tags: Smile. You're about to meet your new hero.

keywords: bountyhunter, orb, gadget, magicalobject, year1893, 19thcentury, antihero, vengence, u.s.marshal, supernaturalpower, stetson, sphere, sixshooter, singer, sidekick, shotgun, sheriff, quest, pub, perfor





































Hired by local robber barons, Harvard Law Graduate Brisco County, Jr. searches for the members of the infamous John Bly gang, the same men who killed his father, a famous marshal and western legend. Accompanied by his one-time rival and fellow bounty hunter Lord Bowler, Brisco rides through the West trying to bring his father's killers to justice. Along the way, he encounters mysterious golden orbs with strange abilities and colorful characters who help or hinder his mission as he hunts down the Bly gang one by one. A bounty hunter rides the Old West, fighting bad guys, many with futuristic-type gadgets. I totally agree with the shape23's comments. I first saw TAoBCJ back in about 94/95 when it was first aired in the UK and really liked it. I have recently downloaded the series and watched it again 10 years later. I now see far more than I did then, the chemistry of the cast is superb between Brisco, Bowler, Socrates and Dixie. You can see how the relationships have formed due to the 'adventures' they have shared. If I had to give this series a liking, it would be an Indiana Jones cowboy series, where the violence is enough to set the scene but not graphic, the humour is enough but not distracting from the story, the stories & plots enough to ensure you forget the historical inaccuracies and see a really good family programme. Unfortunately only released on video shortly after its TV release, its gonna be released on DVD supposedly in the summer of 2006 ( follow this link for more details http://www.tvshowsondvd.com/newsitem.cfm?NewsID=4615 ). I suspect this release will be on R1 only. A great pity unless you have a multiregion player, but then this series is worth the cost of investing in one.

I am now sitting down to watch it again, this time with my stepson who is curious to see "whats it all about". After all who doesn't enjoy a good cowboy. I absolutely loved this show when it was on. Briscoe made for an unusual hero, and Lord Bowler was one of the best sidekicks ever. I think what did this show in was the fact that it did an about face the second season it was on. The mix of science fiction and western lore was odd during the first season, but it worked for me. The cliffhanger, which featured an Elvis-like sheriff, was some of the funniest stuff I ever saw on TV. When the show returned, it turned into a Wild Wild West thing, with Briscoe and Lord Bowler being made secret agents under President Grant's administration. Maybe if they had stuck with the science fiction angle, or started it off as a Wild Wild West clone, the show might have survived.


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